Web Design Extras

Some of our popular extra functionalities for the websites we create

We don’t like getting surprises so we don’t give surprises!
With us  you get great value for money and what you see is what you pay!

When you choose us to be your website partner, you get exactly what we advertise in our website design packages for exactly the price that is displayed.

However, sometimes, some businesses need some extra functionality, so below we’ve outlined some of the popular add-ons we regularly provide to clients which are not included in the basic bundles.

And with our normal no nonsense approach, we’ve provided transparent pricing so you can decide from the getgo whether or not a particular function will be worth it for you and your company’s requirements. Please note that we only offer these add-ons to website that we have built ourselves.


Complex Forms

Price: from £49 once-off

Our basic bundle forms include up to 5 simple fields. If you require more information than this from your clients, we can create whatever form you need to get all the critical data you require, including conditional logic forms. Provide us your requirements and we'll quote you the once-off extra fee required.

Database Forms

Price: £9 per month

Our basic bundle forms send you the form content in an email. If you would also like to store the info and contact details from each form in your website database for retrieval and export at any point, we can provide this too for a small extra monthly fee.

Whatsapp Linkup

Price: £49 once-off

Want your clients to be able to start a Whatsapp conversation with you right off your website (while they're on your page)? No problem. We can add this to each page of your website for a small once-off fee.

Social Feeds

Price: £49 once-ff integration + £89 per year licence fee

Are you active on your social media channels? Did you know that we can stream your social feeds directly to your website? That means everytime you update your socials, the feed gets automatically updated on your website making much less work for you.

Online Appointment Bookings

Price: from £99 once-off

Want your clients to be able to book appointments right off your website?
This option is great for anyone in the service industry. Never double book yourself again!

Google Reviews Feed

Price: £49 once-off integration + £65 per year licence fee

Reviews provide online credibility. This extra feature creates a live feed from your Google reviews onto your website (and you can only display 5 star reviews if required!)

Google Analytics

Price: £149 once-off

and/We will setup Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on your WordPress website and link you up so that you can view the logs either in the backend of your WordPress site or via Analytics itself. (If we manage your SEO for you, this is not required as we include this in all our SEO packages)

Google Indexing

Price: £99 once-off

We will create a new sitemap of your website and manually submit your site to Google for indexing. NB: This is not an SEO strategy. It is merely to ensure your site is added to Google's index. (If we manage your SEO for you, this is not required as we include this in the setup process of all our SEO packages)

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